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Information on three small sailboats: Sunfish, Laser Radial, and Cape Cod Frosty.

1996 Sunfish World Championships, Dominican Republic

Sailing Resources on my site:

SANJL is a series of Sunfish regattas in northern New Jersey

Directions to Sunfish regatta sites in New England, New York, and New Jersey

Results from regattas I have attended (and a few I missed)


Links to other Sailing resources:

Sunfish Class home page containing tips and results

Laser Class North American class association

Cape Cod Frosty Class

Vanguard Sailboats is the manufacturer of the Sunfish and Laser

Western Sound Flying Lasers is the local frostbite fleet in Westport, CT

U.S. Sailing Association is the organizational body of sailing in the U.S.

I published a design for an inverted Sunfish trailer that has proven popular with other Sunfish sailors

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When sailing Laser, I almost always use the Radial rig. It is a lower aspect-ratio, smaller sail area version of the full Laser rig, and is much more controllable. This is not a picture of me, but here is what a Laser Radial looks like when it's windy: