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Here are pictures taken in 1999 of a 

1966 Cadillac Hearse

It had 64,800 miles
The engine was a Cadillac 429 V-8 
Hearse body by M&M.

The car was used as a Hearse from 1966-1977

In 1977, it was painted green and white and a sunroof and raised (4 inches) top were added. The original casket rollers have been left in, but the interior light fixtures were removed.

1977-1998 it was used occasionally (about once a month) as a transport vehicle for a hot air balloon in northern California.

It was used to move the hot air balloon to Connecticut in 1998.

It was sold to someone from Maine in 1999.

Its HUGE interior capacity (larger than a full-size van) made it ideal for hauling the balloon around and for use as a moving truck.

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                                   in these two photos you can see the raised roof     Note no rust on the doors

The inside measurements:

Front door opening width, front to back: 43"

Front door opening height, floor to top of door opening: 44"

Front door opening height, seat to top of door opening: 32"

Front seat headroom, floor to ceiling: 54"

Front seat headroom, seat to ceiling: 41"

Front seat width, door to door: 63"


Rear seat area (note there is no rear seat):

door opening width, front to back: 42"

floor area width, front to back: 51"

headroom, floor to ceiling: 51"

width, door to door: 63"


Rear cargo area:

Rear door opening width, side to side: 44"

headroom, floor to ceiling: 42"

length, front to back: 72"

Max possible cargo length (back of front seat to rear door): 116"